6 botox myths you should stop believing in

6 botox myths you should stop believing in

Despite numerous scientific studies and long-term experience in application - botox has been successfully used in cosmetology for more than 30 years - there are still many myths and false beliefs around botulinum toxin. Is it addictive? Will the face become artificial? Will it add new wrinkles? Together with Anna Lozinskaya, AXEL Aesthetics Clinic dermatologist, we dispel myths and answer the most common questions about botox.

?Botox is a toxin that is harmful to the human body

Х Botox is a generic name for drugs that are used in cosmetology to correct mimic wrinkles, eliminate creases and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Its active ingredient, botulinum toxin type A, is a natural protein that helps to relax and neutralize overactive muscles that cause wrinkles. Preparations with botulinum toxin do not accumulate in the body and are completely eliminated within a few days.

?The face will become artificial, because botox paralyzes the muscles

Х Botox does not paralyze muscles. Its task is to remove hypertonicity, which leads to overly active facial expressions. Due to its low molecular weight, botox acts only on the target muscle, blocking the transmission of nerve impulses at the injection site, and does not spread to neighboring ones. At the same time, the muscles fully retain their function. A face can become artificial only in one case - if the procedure is performed by a non-professional who does not have knowledge of dermatology, anatomy and can inject the drug in the wrong amount or in the wrong areas. At Axel, this is out of the question, since all aesthetists are doctors. 

?Botox is addictive

Х Unless we are talking about emotional dependence, when the client gets used to the absence of wrinkles and is no longer ready to put up with their return. Many studies have been conducted on botox and all of them have shown that the drug is not addictive. In addition, everyone who at least once turned to botulinum therapy had the opportunity to make sure that the effect of botox lasts only for a while. After the drug wears off, the muscles return to their original state. 

? Botox is better to inject closer to 40 years

Х This is a widespread belief, which is based on the fact that it is better to start any procedures as late as possible - this will preserve the youthfulness of the face. In cosmetology, everything depends on each specific case and the availability of indications. It is much easier to solve the problem of wrinkles in the early stages, before the creases have formed, which are much more difficult to correct in the future. Indications for botulinum therapy can be at a fairly young age - for correcting the asymmetry of the face, raising the drooping corners of the eyebrows, or in the presence of too active facial expressions.

? Botox injections can be done at any beauty parlor

Х Botulinum therapy is such an effective and demanded procedure that for most women it has become part of the mandatory care that can be entrusted to your beautician. However, care should be taken with any injection procedure. Aesthetic medicine is still medicine, and quality and safety are equally important here. Therefore, it is better to turn to a professional. Only a physician has a deep knowledge of anatomy and dermatology that prevents him from injecting into the wrong muscle or at the wrong dosage. 

? Botox will remove some wrinkles and cause the appearance of others

Х By blocking the transmission of nerve impulses, botox allows muscles to relax and rest. Thus, he weaned a person from reflex habits, for example, frowning, involuntarily wrinkling his nose or squinting his eyes unnecessarily. This is the “magic” effect of botox. After some time, clients notice that their facial expressions have acquired a new emotional shade.


In defense of botox, it is also worth mentioning that it has long and successfully been used not only in cosmetology, but also in other branches of medicine, such as gynecology, dermatology, dentistry, ophthalmology. In addition, the result of the procedure largely depends on the specialist - it is he who decides what dosage and where to inject the drug in order to stop the desired muscle and maintain the mobility of facial expressions.

If you are still afraid of the negative effects of botulinum therapy, we invite you to AXEL Aesthetics Clinic, where our experienced dermatologists will answer all your questions and give the necessary recommendations, taking into account your facial expressions, condition and skin type. We work only with original preparations Botox (made in the USA) and Xeomin (Germany), which have passed all the necessary studies and are approved for use in cosmetology. You can be sure of the professionalism of our employees, all AXEL Aesthetics Clinic cosmetologists are doctors with higher medical education.

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