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Hair and Scalp Treatment

If you are experiencing hair loss, problems with the scalp and hair shafts, please ask our trichologist for a trichoscopy, because these issues may not only be cosmetic, but also medical in nature.

After a comprehensive diagnosis, our trichologist will create an individual treatment program based on the analyzed results. This can include both medication therapy and other injection and instrumental methods.

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Natalia is a Physician of the Highest Category who has been practicing dermatology, trichology, dermato-oncology, and venereology for 18 years.

She gained hands-on experience and certifications of applying advanced European technologies and treatment protocols at trainings and professional conferences in Germany, Georgia, Belarus, Poland, Latvia, and Russia.

In her practice she uses modern FDA-approved methods, as well as European and modern Ukrainian treatment protocols.

About the doctor's expertise


Lumenis M22
Lumenis M22, ISRAEL

The unit is equipped with IPL, Nd: YAG and ResurFX modules, as well as 6 light filters, which allow us to customize the settings for each client. The modules act as separate units that can be used separately or combined.

DermLite 4
DermLite 4, USA

An innovative tool for modern dermatoscopy. The advanced technology of cross-polarized lighting provides a bright illumination of the target area, helping to diagnose skin problems at an early stage.

Cross-polarized illumination minimizes the need for contact with the skin and the use of immersion media (oil, gel, etc.), which allows for a more quick and easy examination.

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